Solid plastering can be applied in either two or three coats to brick or block walls or a skim coat to plasterboard.

With our vast experience we can create any effects you may want, when combined with the other services we offer, you can be assured of the best quality walls.

Horse & Goat Hair Plaster

Lime Plastering

This was the traditional method of plastering until the end of the 19th Century which has seen a resurgence of late in conservation and restoration areas.

Lime mortar is a mixture of well slaked lime and same with the addition of animal hair reinforcement usually goat or horse.

It can be applied to both brick and timber lath backgrounds.

The traditional method of application is in three coats render, float and set, each coat being allowed to dry out before the next is applied.

In situ mouldings are usually finished with gypsum being added to the
final coat.