G R G is a composite of Alpha Plaster and a continuous filament glass mat reinforced with metal strap or channel where necessary. This versatile material lends itself to the manufacture of large smooth surfaces where its resistance to damage is an advantage. Being incombustible it can be used in public areas where safety is of paramount importance. Compound shapes are easily realised e.g. wave effect walls and ceilings. Joints are made good to leave a uniform surface ready to receive decoration.


GRP is composed of strands of glass. Each individual glass fibre is very fine with a small diameter, and they are woven to form a flexible fabric. The fabric is normally placed in to a mould and polyester resin is added, followed by a catalyst (to speed up the reaction). The process is repeated so that there are many layers of fibre glass and resin and allowed to dry/cure. The resulting material is strong and light. Glass Reinforced Plastic can be sanded for a smooth finish and painted.


This composite of cement, aggregate and glass strands is used in the creation of highly durable external mouldings and shapes where resistance to the weather is desirable. Castings made using G R C are secured to the background and joints made good to present a uniform surface. G R C can be treated as stone and false joints made to complete the effect or decorated using exterior quality paints.